Please note that for these experiences you must be able and physically fit to ride a bike to ensure your safety.

We have well trained huskies that would absolutely love to pull you along for you to have a taste of dry land mushing! These dogs are very affectionate and will lick you at every opportunity.


Our experiences have varying levels and we can tailor them to suit you.

Flying Solo – Bronze Starter Session:

This is a stand alone session for you to get a feel for dry land mushing. This session introduces you to learning to drive one or two huskies. We choose the huskies carefully to suit their new driver. Full tuition and one-to-one support throughout the session. Remember, you have the brakes so you can control your speed at all times!


This experience includes meeting the pack and smooth, easy terrain to ensure your safety. Successful mushers will receive their Bronze Mushers certificate which qualifies you to book any activity which requires Bronze certificates.

£80 for a 90 minute experience. [One Rig, One Instructor]

Young Passenger Family Fun:

Fun for the whole family from ages ranging from 6 years old.

We will be using our passenger rig which can hold one driver and one passenger. Each family member’s experience will be tailored to suit their needs.

To discuss your families needs email us via the contact us page.

£150 for 90 minute experience. [Generally up to 2 adults and 2 children. One Rig, One Instructor.]

Flying Solo – Silver Experience:

All participants require a Bronze certificate.

One or two people can participate in this session, after which, they will be flying solo, with supervision. Upon successful completion you will be awarded our Silver Musher Certificate.


The terrain will be more challenging than the Bronze session. Bumpier tracks and puddles are to be expected. Once you have achieved your Silver Musher Certificate you will qualify to experience our gold experience.

£95 for 90 minute experience. [Up to 2 people. One Rig, One Instructor.]

Special Offer! £175 for two teams, rigs and instructors. [Up to 4 people.]

Flying Solo – Gold Experience:

All participants require a Silver certificate.

Once you hold our silver award you are able to drive a team of four huskies on a beautiful sandy beach. Whilst you will be supervised, you will be taking more control of your ‘flight crew’.

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£150 for 90 minute experience. [Up to 2 people. One Rig, Two Instructors.]