Holidays with Huskies

Hiking with Huskies:

We are spoilt for choice – so many wonderful routes including some Wainwright walks.


Accompanied by your experienced guide Sonia and some of her sled dogs you can enjoy the spectacular Cumbrian scenery.  We have a walk to suit all in terms of terrain and length.  Walks are graded as to level of difficulty.   A husky will be chosen to accompany you.


You will be shown how to use the equipment correctly (safely and with kindness).  A walking belt and elasticated lead will be provided to give you a tow up the steeper paths plus a halti and short lead for when you do not want the husky to pull.


You can elect to share a husky if you prefer. Maps will be provided for those that like to keep tabs on where they are going.


Equipment needed: Dress for walking in the fells, suitable footwear and waterproofs.  Bring a rucksack for additional clothing, refreshment etc.


Group size: a maximum of 10 adults, children welcome.


After learning with a 3 or 4 wheeled rig you can have an enormous amount of fun bikejoring. The husky is attached to the mountain bike with an elasticated gangline.


You will be given a bike with the seat set a little lower than your usual height. We use our steady huskies to begin with.

Group size: 4     Age:16+


Choose from a selection of routes and distances to suit.


For those that like a bigger challenge you can elect to run with your husky.  All dog related equipment is provided: a running belt plus elasticated lead.


Equipment needed: Running clothes plus suitable footwear.  Light weight waterproofs.


Group size:  a maximum of 6

Age: Children welcome 11+